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  1. OrbisSWU: The PS4 Update Tool Developer Research by TheoryWrong

    As mentioned previously, following Fail0verflow's Documentation, the PS4 NoBD Updating Method, his PS4 Updater Toolkit release and the PS4 RL78 Syscon implementation PlayStation 4 scene developer @theorywrong shared via Twitter a new post on his blog at detailing his research with...
  2. The Updater Toolkit: PS4 Toolbox Realtime Editor WIP by TheoryWrong

    While the PS4 scene awaits Oct0xor's PlayStation Blu-ray Drive Code Execution 36c3 Talk that affects Sony PS3, PS4 and potentially PS5 drives 🤫 as suggested by @xorloser, today PlayStation 4 developer @theorywrong (Patreon) shared TheUpdaterToolkit on Twitter which is a work-in-progress (WIP)...

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