1. batman

    UDK Ultimate PS3 Update V2: Create, Play and Share on Any PlayStation 3!

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, here is my Twitter to follow and new UDKUltimate Engine site! As many of you know following my UDK Ultimate updates I've dedicated myself to a personal project, a game I'm developing in UDK Ultimate Engine, which I am going to soon publish here some trailers and a...
  2. MrNiato

    PlayStation 3 Projects Source Code for PS3 Developers by MrNiato

    Hello all, modding on PS3 is almost over so I've decided to release the source code of a lots of my project on PS3. Here 12 sources code for you, it contains a lot of Call of Duty games. Some are below, and the others are on my Github Repository: Download: MrNiato's Repositories Name: BO3...