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  1. Adieu: PS4 Kernel Exploit for Firmware 4.05 by Fail0verflow Team!

    Following their PS4 Kexec Offsets, Github Updates, CCC 2016 Presentation, PS4 Linux Demos, Postscript, PS4 / Liverpool AMDGPU Port, Gentoo Portage Patches/Packages and PS4 Pro Kernel Linux Support today PlayStation 4 developers from the Fail0verflow Team documented Adieu: a PS4 Kernel Exploit...
  2. PS4 Jailbreak 4.05 Rumor: Demo Running Linux Ubuntu by Dexxxterek

    Overnight @B7U3 C50SS stumbled upon this rumored PS4 Jailbreak 4.05 demo which is titled on YouTube as 'PS4 Running Linux Ubuntu Jailbreak 4.05' by dexxxterek, but at this point the alleged video is as suspicious as any other PS4 Jailbreak claim made on YouTube... meaning it's mostly likely fake...

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