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  1. PS4 Hardware Modding: Glass PlayStation 4 Console by BitHead1000

    Recently console modder Bithead1000 shared a PS4 Hardware Modding video on his YouTube Channel showcasing the creation of a hand-built PlayStation 4 console complete with customized LED lighting! 🎮 Check out a video demo of it in action below, and if you'd like to support his continued...
  2. PS4 Slim Case Mod Conversion Videos by DR-DEX-82 / EMC by PDC

    A few months back we showcased PS4 Case Mod v1.1 by e✘, and recently DR-DEX-82 shared some of his PS4 Slim case modifications as well! (-8 Check out the PS4 Slim case modding videos below from EMC by PDC (Extreme Modified Consoles) via his post at e✘, roughly...

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