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  1. PS4GDB Ring 0: GDB Stub to Debug PS4 Kernel by M0rph3us1987

    Last month he shared a GDB Stub PS4 Port to Debug Userland Apps, and today PlayStation 4 developer m0rph3us1987 returns with a gdbstub_ring0.bin payload which is a PS4GDB Ring 0 GDB Stub for PS4 Kernel Debugging used mainly by scene devs. :geek: Download: ps4gdb_ring0_672.7z (11 KB) Here's...
  2. PS4 NVS Args Extractor IDA Plugin for Scene Devs by TheoryWrong

    Following his OrbisSWU: The PS4 Update Tool research, PlayStation 4 developer @theorywrong shared via Twitter the latest post on his blog at including a PS4 NVS Args Extractor IDA Plugin script for use with IDA Interactive Disassembler to extract the arguments of the icc_nvs_read...
  3. PlayStation Scene Devs on Future PS4 Jailbreak Exploits and Homebrew

    During Sony's PlayStation 5 news announcement of a PS5 launch in Q4 2020 yesterday a few PlayStation scene devs shared feedback on future PS4 jailbreak exploits and homebrew with the release of the PlayStation 4 v7.00 Firmware Update leaving many curious since the exploit chain limitations and...
  4. GODMODE.prx PRX File for PS4 Developers by CFWProphet Arrives

    Last month he shared a PS4 Userland Printf Driver with Usermode Printf to Klog recently added by @zecoxao to the latest HEN (PS4 HEN v1.8 Live Demo / GIT) for PS2 / PSP emulator classics debugging, and following PRXtoSPRX this weekend PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet of

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