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  1. PS5 Scene Rules: Official PS5 Release Standards for Groups Signed & PS5 NFOs

    Thus far we've seen some PS5 Game Dumps from groups including BigBlueBox, JRP and PS5B in the PlayStation 5 Scene following the raw PS5 Game RiPs, more PS5 Game Images and initial PlayStation 5 Game Dumps... and recently the aforementioned signed an official PS5 Scene Rules agreement going into...
  2. Latest Outriders PlayStation 5 Backgrounds and Video Footage

    Happy 4/20 everyone! šŸ˜Ž Since their initial Outriders PS5 Trailer and the Observer: System Redux PS5 Trailer the folks at Outriders recently shared some fresh videos of their upcoming cross-generation co-op RPG shooter Outriders slated for release alongside the PlayStation 5 video game console...