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  1. Drum VR 1.00 Demo PSVR Homebrew FPKG by LapyGames

    Since his Duck Hunt Remake VR v1.00 PS4 Homebrew Game release earlier this year, developer @Lapy shared with the PS4Scene via Twitter a Drum VR 1.00 Demo PSVR Homebrew FPKG made in Unity for PlayStation VR (PS VR) on Jailbroken PS4 consoles. šŸ„ Drumroll please... Download: Drum VR 1.00 -...
  2. SnakePlissken

    Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5 in VR Homebrew PKG by SnakePlissken

    Following my recent Brutal PS4 DooM 2.5 and Snake Ball homebrew PKG releases, I present to you today Brutal VR DooM (2.5) for PS4. This is version 1 in VR. There may be improvements in the future. Download: Brutal VR DooM 2.5.pkg (176 MB) Known issues: There is no HUD. If you record video...