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  1. JPSXDec: PlayStation 1 (PSX / PSOne) Audio / Video Converter by M35

    Following the SND0.AT3 Guide and BMK AT9 & AT3 Converter, today @CougarDomin let us know in the Shoutbox that the cross-platform PlayStation 1 (PSX / PSOne) Audio / Video Converter known as jPSXdec by m35 has been updated recently! :veryhappy: Download: / GIT To...
  2. Jeff

    Connect PlayStation (PS1) to the Internet with PSXNET Library

    PlayStation homebrew developer Lameguy64 has recently released a PSXNET Library, which allows users to connect the original PlayStation (PS1) video game console to the Internet! :eek: PSXNET A simple library and client program that will allow the original PlayStation to connect to the internet...