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  1. 01cedric

    PS3 XUID Generator & NPID Grabber by SC58, 01cedricv2 & Tustin

    Hi. Today is a great day for the PS3 Hacking / Modding Scene, over at NextGenUpdate @SC58, @01cedric (myself) and @Tustin released some neat features, which will allow to grab Users XUID (only Call of Duty specific) and NPID (all Games), which then can be used to spoof your Account In-Game to...
  2. PS3Lock v0.91 PS3 Password Protection Plugin by MixeryMaxe

    PlayStation 3 homebrew developer MixeryMaxe has updated his PS3 password protection plugin homebrew application to PS3Lock version 0.9 followed by a v0.91 bug fix and v0.92 with the changelogs detailed below. To quote: PS3Lock is an authentication-system for CFW capable PlayStation 3. A...