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  1. Gamesonic Manager v3.90 PS3 Backup Game Manager by Orion

    Following the PS3 4.80 Firmware update, today PlayStation 3 developer Orion has updated the PS3 Backup Game Manager to GameSonic Manager v3.90 for PS3 CFW 4.80 followed by a fixed version below. Gamesonic Manager v3.90 Changelog: Updated manager with payload 4.80 (Thanks Joonie) Discless...
  2. XxZer0ModZxX

    MultiZer0 4.78.10 - All 8 Editions (Resigned+Updated)

    MultiZer0 4.78.10 - All 8 Editions (Resigned+Updated) Since i released.. 4.78-CFW [CEX] V1.00 Team_Zer0 and found some extra time iv updated multiZer0 aswell for 4.78 support! Couldn't choose and many people want different versions like always.. So here it is.. I resigned all of them +...
  3. IrisMAN v4.88 by Aldostools

    Iris Manager fork including latest mamba from NzV which also includes work from Estwald, Rancid-O (aka @RancidoPS3ita), @Joonie and @aldostools. Download: IrisMAN v3.50.10 (Full) / IrisMAN v3.50.10 (Lite) / IrisMAN v4.81.1 (Full) / IrisMAN v4.81.1 (Lite) / IrisMAN v4.82 (Full) / IrisMAN v4.82...

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