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  1. BO3 / PS3 SkyFall & Spectre Engine SPRX Mod Menus by MrNiato

    Hi guys after a few months without download link I have finally reupload both my mod menu for Black Ops III Spectre Engine & SkyFall with video demos from my YouTube Channel below. They are only compatible with DEX system ! SkyFall is for Zombie. Spectre Engine is for Multiplayer. Videos...
  2. Super Mario Bros PS3 Ultraslim DECH-4000AA OFW DEX 4.78 - MrNiato

    Following his PS3 Console ID Generator, today PlayStation 3 developer @MrNiato shared a video demo via Twitter of him launching Nintendo's Super Mario Bros on a PS3 Ultraslim DECH-4000AA OFW DEX (Debug) 4.78 console including a fix for the PKG error. :gigglexf2: From the video's caption, to...
  3. PlayStation 4 DevKit / TestKit PS4UPDATE PUP Archive by MrNiato

    After his PS4 TestKit DEX Console Manager demo video and PS4UPDATE-TestKit-GEN3-3_508_041.PUP for PlayStation 4 developers, @MrNiato has since started MrNiato's Blog and shared some PS3 DECH (DEX) and DECR (Reference Tool) PUP's alongside PlayStation 4 DevKit / TestKit PS4UPDATE PUP's for those...
  4. XxZer0ModZxX

    MultiZer0 4.78.10 - All 8 Editions (Resigned+Updated)

    MultiZer0 4.78.10 - All 8 Editions (Resigned+Updated) Since i released.. 4.78-CFW [CEX] V1.00 Team_Zer0 and found some extra time iv updated multiZer0 aswell for 4.78 support! Couldn't choose and many people want different versions like always.. So here it is.. I resigned all of them +...
  5. XxZer0ModZxX

    MultiZer0 4.76.10 CEX & DEX (Bat/Spider/Superman Edition)

    Hyy folks! Since people like the work on multiZer0 Filemanager and using it a lot i went back to work and got some nice new/epic ideas for it! :) Like always they come with a moving XMB icon. ^^ I freshed everything up a bit on the inside and made some new icons and sounds for it! If like the...
  6. CCAPI v2.70 By Enstone for CEX/DEX

    CCAPI v2.70 By Enstone: CCAPI is a software that establishes a connection between your ps3 and your computer. You can control your ps3 from your pc. Download Link: CcApi_package_2.60_Rev7.rar Source: