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  1. albatawy

    How to Create SND0.AT3 Files for PS3 Tutorial by Albatawy

    Following my PS3 XMB Music Converted to SND0.AT3 service thread and the BMK AT9 & AT3 Converter v2.1, here is a guide I made for those seeking to create their own SND0.AT3 files for Sony's PlayStation 3 video gaming and entertainment system. :music: How to Create SND0.AT3 Files for PS3 Tutorial...
  2. Pulse Elite / Gold Edition Wireless Stereo Headset Bass Fix Guide

    Hi! This tutorial is for helping those who have a bass impact issue on Sony's Pulse Elite Edition (or Gold Edition) Wireless 7.1 Stereo Headset that are currently running PS3 Custom Firmware. :cool: On the last Pulse Wireless 7.1 update Sony removed the power bass and the bass is low compared...