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  1. PS3DumpChecker Build 489 & PyPS3tools 4.81 Updates by Littlebalup

    Following Sony's recent PS3 System Software 4.81 and his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer littlebalup updated both the PS3DumpChecker and PyPS3tools GITs with PS3DumpChecker Build 489 and PyPS3tools v0.3.4 that support version 4.81 OFW followed by more revisions supporting 4.82...
  2. PS3DumpChecker Build 488 by Littlebalup Out with PS3 4.80 Support

    Following the previous updates and NORPatch v4.80, PlayStation 3 developer littlebalup has updated Swizzy's PS3 Dump Checker homebrew app to PS3DumpChecker v1.0 Build 488 which now includes PS3 Firmware 4.80 support. Download: PS3DumpChecker.exe (7.7 MB) / PS3DumpChecker.exe (Mirror) /...

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