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  1. PS3 CFW SPY 4.83 Cobra 7.55 Custom Firmware by DarekSpy

    Proceeding his last revision, today @darekspy of released via Twitter his PS3 CFW SPY 4.83 Cobra 7.55 Custom Firmware with a demonstration video available from his YouTube Channel below followed by PS3 CFW SPY 4.83 Cobra 7.55 v1.01 and PS3 CFW SPY 4.84 Cobra 7.55 adding support...
  2. PS3MFW Builder v1.0 Build & PS3MFW Builder Updater v1.5

    Following the previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer Endless officially updated to PS3MFW Builder v1.0 Build and PS3MFW Builder Updater v1.5 which includes the PS3 Firmware 4.80 keys for making your own PS3 Modified Firmware. :D Download: PS3MFW Builder v1.0 Build /...
  3. Endless

    PS3MFW Builder [v1.0][Build:]

    Hello martians! New update for the MFW lovers that were waiting for... what... a year? Well I'm sorry about that! I went trough a lot of things, cuz ya know, we all have a life. But that's no excuse for my lazyness. ;) Here's a small list of fixes and updates i've done: I've managed to fix...