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  1. PS4 1.76 UI Mod Alpha 0.13 Custom Home Menu Demo by eXtreme

    Following their previous revision, today the PlayStation 4 modders of e✘treme made available a new PS4 1.76 UI Mod Alpha 0.13 Custom Home Menu demonstration video with details below. :coolxf2: Download: UI Mod To quote from e✘ Info: The Games folder in the Home Menu appear if...
  2. PS4 1.76 Real-Time (RT) Sample Video by BadChoicesZ and Kurt2467

    Over the weekend we saw a PS4 GTA V Mod with Native Code, and since then the PS4 developers @BadChoicesZ and @kurt2467 have joined us here and shared a PS4 1.76 Real-Time (RT) sample video today! :veryhappy: From the demo's caption: We (Me + Kurt2467) plan on showing better things possible...

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