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  1. Soldier Mayhem PS4 Homebrew PKG for 4.55 by SnakePlissken

    Today I present to you "Soldier Mayhem" the PS4 homebrew. Soldier Mayhem v1 features an advanced AI system and a first person view framework asset all in one homebrew. Practice your skills on the two teams of soldiers fighting it out with each other. There's weapons and pickups, soldiers and...
  2. Doom PS4 Homebrew Game PKG in Unity by SnakePlissken

    I'm working on a Doom PS4 homebrew game in Unity for PlayStation 4. More information soon, only works on 4.55 OFW. In time, the apps main goal is to load Doom wads directly. Download: PlisskenDooM-v0.4.pkg / Brutal PS4 DooM.pkg Update: PlisskenDooM v0.2 loads .wad file directly for unity...

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