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  1. PS4 RIF Decryptor WIP by TheoryWrong, Seeking to Fix Broken Code

    Last fall we learned that PS4 RIF Files are required to make PlayStation 4 Packages (PKG files) playable, followed by some OMSK App details, the OMSK Client RIF File, an Install Guide for jailbroken consoles and most recently the necessary PS4 IDX File Generator. Today PlayStation 4 developer...
  2. PS4 Waker by DHLeong Wakes Your PlayStation 4 Over LAN via PS App

    Wakey wakey time!!! :shudders: PlayStation 4 coder DHLeong has been developing PS4 Waker which kicks PS4 Wake by dsokoloski up a notch allowing users to now wake your PS4 console without a PS Vita over LAN (Local Area Network) via Sony's official PlayStation App. Download: