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  1. JoystickUDP: Collection of Methods Using a PS4 Controller with UDPComms

    Recently StanfordRoboticsClub shared on Github a collection of methods using a DualShock 4 PS4 Controller with UDPComms, which is a Python library to enable communication between different processes over a network using UDP (User Datagram Protocol) for developers. :geek: Download...
  2. DS4Windows Updated by Boganhobo, Supports Sony Bluetooth Adapter

    Those seeking to use their PS4 DualShock 4 Controller for PC gaming may already be aware of DS4Windows from Jays2Kings (GIT), but recently boganhobo (GIT) forked and updated the DS4 application with the help of Chamilsaan to support Sony's official Bluetooth adapter... meaning you can now use...

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