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  1. PS4 .Env Decryptor: Python 2 Script for Decrypting Envelope Files

    We've seen PS4 Envelope Files in Logs, the Decrypted sl-config.xml.env with Event Log Servers, some PS4 Envelope File Documentation earlier this week and today PlayStation 4 scene developer @SocraticBliss shared on Github via Twitter with help from IDC and zecoxao a Python 2...
  2. PS4 3.55 Full Browser FileSystem and Gadget List by Dragood2

    A few months ago we saw a PS4 3.55 File Browser by theorywrong, and now PlayStation 4 developer dragood2 with help from @xerpi revealed the PS4 3.55 Full Browser FileSystem alongside an Extensive Gadget List below, to quote: PS4 3.55 Full Browser FileSystem and Extensive Gadget List d /. d /...

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