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  1. PS4 Game Patches Repo & PRX to Unlock All Trophies Details via Backporter

    Proceeding Illusion's Directory of PS4 Game Patches recently PS4Scene developer @Backporter (aka Kernel_Panic___ on Twitter) added a repository on Github for his PlayStation 4 tools and custom game patches with details of a PS4 PRX to unlock all trophies for the game / app its loaded in...
  2. mc711

    Final Fantasy VII Remake 720p 60FPS Patch and PS4 FPKG Mod

    Proceeding the previously released PS4 Patches, PS4Scene game modder @illusion0001 (Twitter) recently updated Github with a Final Fantasy 7 Remake 60FPS Patch and some new demo videos from his YouTube Channel. šŸ˜ This comes following an Uncharted 4 540p 60FPS PS4 Custom Resolution Patch (Blog...