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  1. PS4 Backup And Restore (BAR) Keys & Envelope Files Documented

    While many are patiently awaiting further details on the PS4 6.20 Kxploit in development, today PlayStation 4 scene developers @RedEyeX32 via @zecoxao shared Cipher and Hasher PS4 Backup And Restore (BAR) Kernel Keys while 3226:2143 (aka IDC) documented containers referred to as Envelope Files...
  2. PS4HEN v2.1.3 and PS4REN v2.0 PS4 Remote Play Enabler by SiSTR0

    Today PlayStation 4 developer SiSTR0 updated both PS4HEN (forked from @XVortex's PS4 Homebrew ENabler Github repo) and PS4REN (Guide) to PS4HEN v2.1.3 and the PS4 Remote Play Enabler to PS4REN v2.0 proceeding the previous updates for those with a jailbroken PS4 5.05 console as we await further...

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