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  1. CTurt Updates to 4.06, Specter Porting Qwertyoruiopz's PS4 Exploit to 3.55

    With Easter on the way things are definitely hoppin in the PS4 hacking scene, and following confirmation of PS4 4.50 Kernel R/W Access and his recent updates PlayStation 4 developer @CTurt sent word on Twitter that he's updated from 1.76 to 4.06 OFW (Official Firmware) to test out the recent...
  2. PlayStation 4 Developer Specter on CVE-2016-1885 Vulnerability

    Yesterday we reported on research being done by PlayStation 4 developers and enthusiasts to uncover the Chaitin Tech PS4 4.01 Kernel Exploit, and today @SpecterDev shared another Tweet which sheds more light on the suspected CVE-2016-1885 (Exploit-DB) vulnerability. :geek: Below is a brief...
  3. PS4 Kernel Exploit: Sys_Dynlib_Prepare_Dlclose CTurt Qwertyoruiop

    Following the recent PS4 3.11 Out of Bound Read (Freetype 64bit Exploit), fail0verflow's PS4 patches and drivers and his previous PlayStation 4 Kernel Exploitation, today PS4 developers CTurt and Qwertyoruiop revealed news of a PS4 kernel heap overflow exploit alongside an analysis of...
  4. mcmrc1

    PS4 Kernel Exploit Root FS Dump and List of PIDs

    Hello, following his last update, today PlayStation 4 developer CTurt has posted new infos about the PS4 root FS and a list of PIDs :) Download: gistfile1.txt / GIT