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  1. Kodi and Steam on PS4 Linux at 4.55 Firmware by Masterzorag

    Following the Manjaro Linux PS4 v2 revision and recent updates, this weekend PlayStation 4 developer masterzorag announced Steam on PS4Linux running Fedora 28 using Mesa 18.0.1 on Radeon Liverpool hardware 1116A at 4.55 Firmware alongside a demonstration video of Kodi on PS4 Linux. :cool: As...
  2. PS4 Linux Pre-configured Distro for Emulators & More from D-ecks

    Following his PS4 Linux Installation Tutorial and PS4 Steam Tutorial, today PlayStation 4 developer D-ecks shared a PS4 Linux pre-configured distro which supports Steam, various emulators, Office and more right out of the box! Download: PS4 Linux v 0.1.1.torrent (23.12 KB) Check it out below...