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  1. How to Boot OrbisOS on VMware Workstation PS4 Tutorial by RjMan

    This weekend PlayStation 4 developer RjMan shared a PS4 tutorial covering how to boot OrbisOS on VMware Workstation with the scene as detailed below. To quote: Boot OrbisOS on VM Hi, from this guide its also working on VM workstation. I'm able to boot Orbis but keyboard isn't working, also...
  2. PS4 Kexec-Style Code to Load Linux Kernel from Orbis OS

    Following their PS4 3D Drivers and Patches, today fail0verflow released PS4 kexec-style code to load the Linux kernel from Orbis OS. Download: / GIT / badiret.bin (Compiled) by KUNITOKI via 2424marco Additional details are available below from Marcan via fail0verflow's...

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