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  1. PS4 PKG Files (Packages) Development Research by SpecterDev

    With the recent Take-Two notices some were curious about, but today @SpecterDev confirmed on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 Package Finder is back up and updated for those wondering. (y) He also added some PlayStation 4 development research on PS4 PKGs to the PSDevWiki (a lot...
  2. PlayStation 4 Package (PKG) Finder by Red-EyeX32 and Specter

    Today PlayStation 4 developers @RedEyeX32 (Twitter) and @SpecterDev (Twitter) announced a new project they've been working on aimed at locating PS4 PKG files known as the PlayStation 4 Package Finder! :extremelyhappy: Similar to the PS4 Package Database for Games, Apps and Themes or Fenny's...

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