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  1. IlNevioIl

    PSN PS4 PKG 7.55-9.00 Updates .XML & .JSON File Dump by IlNevioIl

    I thought I'd play around with the API that's related to package updates, so I dumped every CUSA's assets from that endpoint (round about 15,000 games) featuring all PlayStation 4 titles that has their last update between 7.55 and 9.00 PS4 Firmware in the archive below. Download: PSN Updates...
  2. Obtaining PlayStation Package (PKG) Files via SEN by Al Azif Guide

    Here's a brief guide based on what PlayStation 4 developer @Al Azif shared in the PSXHAX Shoutbox recently for those seeking Sony URL links to download PS4 Packages (PKG Files) for apps, games, etc to include in databases such as those from Octolus and OrbisModding similar to community projects...