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  1. PS4 Playground 3.55 Revisited by Modz2014

    This will be a discussion / non-news thread for the time being from @modz2014 (Twitter) as we've covered the PS4 3.55 Playground, HENkaku Ports and PS4 3.55 File Browser here before with some additional repos from @Bultra for both the PS3 3.55 Playground and PS4 3.55 File Manager. Links: 3.x...
  2. PS4 Playground for Firmware 3.55 (WIP) by Specter

    PS4 3.55 Playground Here you will find various interesting tools and scripts that can be utilized right from your PS4’s web browser. Due to this site depending on WebKit Exploits and javascript ROP, this site will not work on all firmwares. This Playground was created by Specter (@SpecterDev)...