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  1. PS4 Playground 4.05 Port WIP and Demo Video from Markus95

    Following his Create PS4 / PC Local Server to Launch WebKit Exploits guide and recent PS4 4.05 Kernel Exploit, PlayStation 4 scene developer @Markus95 made available a work-in-progress 3.55 Port of PS4 Playground 4.05 alongside a demonstration video below. :thumbsupxf2: Download...
  2. PS4 Webkit Playground Ported to Firmware 1.50b by Zecoxao

    Since the PS4 Playground 1.76, 3.55 Port, PS4 Playground 1.01, 1.05 Port, 3.x Playground and even a PS3 Port of CTurt's original PS4 WebKit Playground today @zecoxao ported it to PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.50b with details below from his Twitter feed. :fire: There are also more PS4 MEME's...

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