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  1. Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta on PS4 Pro 4K Output Feedback

    Over the weekend DigitalFoundry shared some PlayStation 4 Pro 4K video output rendered at 1800P via checkerboarding of the Gran Turismo Sport Closed Beta. :eekxf2: This led to reports of growing concern from some PS4 Pro owners noting the lack of a 1080P downsampling option among other...
  2. LightningMods

    PS4 System Software Update 4.50 Features, Sasuke Beta Firmware

    Previously we reported on Sony opening PS4 4.50 Beta Firmware Sign-Ups, and today the Sasuke Beta 2 PUP (Mirror by Senaxx / Mirror #2 by SilicaAndPina / Mirror #3 by monastry) has surfaced from a tester complete with feature details and pictures below! :D Also from OhMyGod comes a screenshot of...