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  1. PS4 IDPS / PSID Dump Code by TheoryWrong and 2much4u

    Back in December we reported on the PS4 1.76 Kernel IDPS Address, and today PlayStation 4 developers @theorywrong (Twitter) with help from @2much4u (Twitter) shared some PS4 IDPS / PSID dump code for others to implement in their projects, while noting the IDPS is still missing some bytes at the...
  2. PS4 1.76 Game Decryption / Homebrew Kernel Console IDPS Address

    Previously we reported on a PS4 1.76 Kernel ELF followed by PS4 Kernel ELF Loading and Hooking which brings us to a UniversalFlash App WIP from earlier this week, and now HybridComputers shared a gift with the community! :tree: To quote from the English translation via @juansbeck in the forum...