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  1. RCO Dump Utility for PS4 / PS Vita by Angguss & PS4 Edit RCO by Master-s

    Following the RCO Data-Table Extractor and script, PlayStation 4 developer angguss made available an RCO Dump utility to extract the contents and structure of PS4 and PS Vita Resource Container Object (RCO) files. :geek: Download: (Latest Version)...
  2. Simply NextGen RCO Data-Table Extractor v1.20 for PS4 RCO Files

    PlayStation 4 developer cfwprophet made available Simply NextGen RCO Data-Table Extractor v1.20 today alongside a demo video of it in action, which now allows users to extract PS4 RCO files from data tables. Download: sngre_full.rar / NextGen RCO DataTable Extractor v1.20 / GIT To quote...