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  1. PS4 Root Mounted as Drive with Target Manager via 1.76 DevKit

    Following the PS4 NMount Payload guide, PlayStation 4 developer @oneman123 shared news on Twitter that he has successfully mounted the whole PS4 Root as drive 'P' with Target Manager (instead of FTP) via 1.76 DevKit / TestKit. :thumbsupxf2: Offsets for PlayStation 4 developers: *(uint16_t...
  2. PS4 Retail / Debug Game Transfusion Guide, TestKit Trophies Working

    We've seen Minecraft PS4 Edition and The Playroom running on a PS4 DevKit / TestKit and today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao with help from Charles and user1 shared a guide on PS4 1.76 Retail / Debug Game Transfusion with savegames and trophies working and some new demo videos below! ;-) To...

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