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  1. Call of Duty: Ghosts RTM Tool Updated Demo for PS4 1.76

    Following the CoD: Ghosts RTE demo and updates today a new demonstration video is available below from HackPredatorz for those with a jailbroken PS4 1.76 console. :winkxf2: In the video description he credits PlayStation 4 developer @j0lama for PS4ME, which was proceeded by other PS4 RTE Tools...
  2. PS4All v1.1 Open-Source PlayStation 4 (PS4) RTE Tool Updates

    Following the PS4 RTM 1.76 Guide and Example Tool Template today Red (aka ItsDeidara) announced PS4All update v1.1 of the open-sourced PS4 RTE Tool previously known as PSe7en for those on jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles with details below. :thumbsupxf2: It's important to note he did not use...

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