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  1. PS4Eyecam / PS4 Camera Firmware Kernel Analysis WIP by BigBoss

    Last month PlayStation 4 developer BigBoss revealed the PS4 Camera Auxiliary Ports for PS4Eyecam followed by a PS4 Kernel Analysis by CTurt, and today BigBoss shared some updated information on the PS4 Camera Firmware for developers. He also confirmed he's working on a PS4 Camera Firmware...
  2. PS4EyeCam: PS4 Camera PC Driver by BigBoss for PS4 Dual Eye Arrives

    Following up on the PlayStation 4 Eye / PS4 Camera Teardown and PS4Eye: PS4 Eye Camera Tools and PlayStation 4 USB Comm Dump, today PlayStation 4 developer bigboss (PSXDEV on Twitter) made available PS4EyeCam (aka OrbisEyeCam) which is a PS4 Camera PC driver for the PS4 Dual Eye. Download...