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  1. PS5 ELF Loader Plugin for IDA 7.5 with PS5 Symbols by Flatz!

    Proceeding the GhidraOrbis PS4 Loader Plugin, his GT7Tool to Decrypt / Unpack GT7 PS4 Archives and the recent PS5 Hacking Progress including 4.03 PS5 Error Codes and PS5 4.03 Registry Key Entries / PS5 Title IDs today PlayStation 5 Scene developer @flatz released via Twitter a PS5 ELF Loader...
  2. PS5 Webkit Execution: 4.03 ROP Userland Exploitation on PlayStation 5

    In PlayStation 5 Scene news today developers ChendoChap and @zezu420 (Znullptr on Twitter aka dmiller423) released some PS5 Webkit Execution documentation and related code for 4.03 ROP Userland Exploitation (3.20 now included also) on PlayStation 5 while stating that DNS redirection to https...