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  1. PS5 Dev Kit Photos & PlayStation 5 DevKit Video by Macho Nacho

    In PS5 Scene news, recently machonachomedia on Twitter shared some exclusive PlayStation 5 Dev Kit images via alongside a PS5 DevKit overview video from his Macho Nacho Productions YouTube Channel available below. šŸ¤© Macho Nacho Productions Community Discord šŸ—£ļø Macho Nacho...
  2. krzys4x

    Sony Patent Surfaces on Rumored PlayStation 5 / PS5 Development Kit Design

    Although Sony's next-generation PlayStation 5 console isn't expected until the 2020 holiday season, today Andrew Marmo tweeted about a rumored Sony Interactive Entertainment patent (sony-interactive-entertainment.pdf) and images that surfaced on that may provide a glimpse into...
  3. PS5 / DS5 Controller Rumors Surface Amid New Pictures from Tidux!

    The Internet is abuzz today as longstanding video game industry insider Tidux tweeted out some pictures of what appears to be a new PlayStation Controller, rumored to be everything from a PS5 / DS5 Controller to a PlayStation 5 DevKit prototype used to develop and test Sony's next-generation...