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  1. Water Cooled PlayStation 5 Console Demo by PS5 Modder Nhenhophach

    Recently Vietnamese PC hardware modder Nhenhophach of Modding Cafe joined the PS5Scene as he showcased a Water Cooled PS5 Console Demo featuring the first thermal performance tested water-cooling system for PlayStation 5 in a series of videos on YouTube. 🌊🎮 This comes following Sony's own PS5...
  2. DualSense Controller Faceplate Removal Allows for Custom PS5 Modding

    Sony's next-generation PlayStation 5 may end up being the most customized console for PS5 Scene modders, with the latest DualSense Controller footage spotlighting faceplate removal for some clean and simple PS5 Hardware Modding including new paint jobs! 🎨 Since the DualSense PS5 Controller...

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