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  1. SMAP Bypass FreeBSD 12 Vulnerability May Affect PS5 via M00nbsd

    Recently an SMAP (Supervisor Mode Access Prevention) Bypass FreeBSD 12 Vulnerability reported by m00nbsd via Twitter was disclosed on the bug bounty site in a flurry of PlayStation Hacktivity, which according to m00nbsd may also affect the PlayStation 5 although he reports being...
  2. PS5 Redesign Slated for 2022 with 6nm AMD CPU According to Reports

    In PS5 News according to a recent DigiTimes Taiwanese business report, production of Sony's PlayStation 5 Console hardware redesign is expected to begin between the second and third quarters of 2022 based on industry supplier data including IC Foundry TSMC. šŸŽ® While this may finally allow those...

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