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  1. BenMitnicK

    VitaBooks: Manual / Book Reader Homebrew App for PS Vita

    VitaBooks is a manual or book reader in PNG images. The software will create a directory named book and inside you will put your books or manual in the following ways: book->VirtualTennis->image1.png, image2.png, toto.png, titi.png etc.... limited to 100 images per book or manual The images...
  2. PS Vita ePSP Bubble Installer v3.0 by CelesteBlue is Updated

    Last month we reported on the PlayStation Vita ePSP Bubble Installer, and today PS Vita developer @CelesteBlue has updated it to ePSP Bubble Installer v3.0 with the changes outlined below. (y) Download: ePSP_Bubble_Installer_v3.0.vpk (5.24 MB) / Readme_v2.0.txt (1.14 KB) To quote from the...