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  1. PKGi: Download & Unpack PS Vita PKG Files Directly by MMOZeiko

    Last month we saw PKG2Zip by PlayStation Vita homebrew developer MMOZeiko and today following the latest NoPsmDrm v1.1 update he returns with PKGi, which allows users to install, download and unpack PKG files directly on PS Vita together with a NoNpDrm fake license proceeded by PKGJ by blastrock...
  2. PS Vita Package Installer Guide for Firmware 3.60 by xXDarkCodeXx

    Following the PS Vita PKG Installer 2.0 and rumored PS Vita game decryption, PlayStation Vita developer xXDarkCodeXx shared a Package Installer guide on Firmware 3.60 for those interested! (y) To quote: The title says everything: we managed to get official pkg installer on a CEX vita. Not in...