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  1. TRPViewer and VPKViewer v0.5b for PS Vita by LMAN (TheLeecherMan)

    Following his previous updates, PlayStation Vita developer LMAN (TheLeecherMan) has released TRPViewer and VPKViewer v0.4b for PS Vita followed by some revisions including v0.5b with the details and changelogs below. (-8 Download: TRPViewer-LMAN.rar / TRPViewer.v1.1-LMAN.rar /...
  2. Guide to Compile HENkaku Homebrew for PS Vita / PSTV with PSDK3v3

    To coincide with the official HENkaku developer guide, below is a tutorial on how to compile HENkaku homebrew for PS Vita / PSTV with PSDK3v3 by kozarovv as follows, to quote: How to compile Vita/PSTV henkaku homebrew using PSDK3v3 Tutorial Simple step by step tutorial to compile henkaku...