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  1. PS4 Kernel BTTF: Kernel Clock Changer Homebrew App by Lapy05575948

    Proceeding ReActPSN / ReactPSPLUS and I Know That Song PS4 Homebrew Game PKG, PS4Scene developer @Lapy released via Twitter a PS4 Kernel BTTF Kernel Clock Changer Application which is a homebrew utility to set the PlayStation 4 internal clock date/time... handy to set the time with a specific...
  2. ReactPSPLUS to Reactivate PS Plus Games on PS4 5.05 by Thunder07

    Today Thunder07 (aka Zer0xFF on Twitter) updated his Github with ReactPSPLUS dubbed the 'Back To The Future PS4 Edition' which resets the PS4 5.05 internal clock back to 2013 to reactivate your previously or currently installed PS Plus games on the console. :love: :ninja: Download...