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  1. RetroGamer74

    MiraHEN PS4 4.55 Port by CrazyVoidProgrammer and Demo Video

    Following the Developers Release of MiraFW: Project Mira v1.0 by OpenOrbis comes a PS4 4.55 Port by @CrazyVoid (aka CrazyVoidProgrammer) on his Github fork and an ELF and binary compiled by @pearlxcore via Twitter: Download: MiraFW_Orbis_455.elf (2.06 MB) / MiraFW_Orbis_455.bin (0.05 MB) /...
  2. RetroGamer74

    PS4ADMIN (Firmware V3) for ESP8266 by RetroGamer74

    Hi guys, as many of you know I was pending to release the firmware v3 for ESP8266 following my last update. It was a bit difficult but I got here. You can get it directly from the GitHub repository: retrogamerfirmv3.bin You can also take a look to the demo preview, and from the file...