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  1. PS5 Debug Settings of DFI-D1000AA Dev Kit and DFI-T1000AA Test Kit

    This weekend in PS5Scene news following the PS5 Software Leak and PS5 Dev Kit with Test Kit surfacing on eBay comes a picture gallery of PlayStation 5 DFI-D1000AA Development Kit and DFI-T1000AA Test Kit screenshots showcasing the PS5 Debug Settings from SCEDevNetwork on Twitter (aka nobysko on...
  2. DFI-D1000AA PS5 Development Kit & DFI-T1000AA PS5 Testing Kit Hit eBay!

    Earlier today a Sony Model DFI-D1000AA Development Kit for PlayStation 5 alongside a DFI-T1000AA PS5 Testing Kit surfaced on eBay receiving at least 12 bids totaling approximately $3,384.09 USD before the auction page was removed, however, iDCx1337 saved some images before the ad listed as a...