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  1. PlayStation 4 DUH-T1000AA TestKit Online with 4.71 Demo by MrNiato

    Over the weekend we saw a leak of the 4.50 PS4 ***, and with it before Sony put the kibosh on the leak came PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN3-4_710_001.PUP for PlayStation 4 developers including @MrNiato of to use on his PS4 TestKit DUH-T100AA console. :winkxf2: Today he shared a video...
  2. Resources to Make PlayStation 4 Homebrew with the Sony PS4 ***

    While they aren't currently for use with the CTurt PS4 *** nor PS4Dev ******, today @oneman123 shared some Github resources on Twitter that can help PlayStation 4 developers make PS4 homebrew if they have access to Sony's official PS4 Software Development Kit (***). :sneakyxf2: Download...

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