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  1. Siscon: PS4 Syscon System Controller Firmware Decrypter by Zecoxao

    Following the PS4 Syscon Decapping, PS4 Aux Hax research and his recent PS4 HEN version 1.8 Live Demo (GIT - added to PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 Alpha1), today PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao shared via Twitter his latest Github commit dubbed Siscon which is a PS4 Syscon System Controller firmware...
  2. PS3 DECR 0.85.010 XMB Pictures After Downgrade by Joonie86

    Following @Mathieulh's PS3 CP Exploit and PSA alongside Team Rebug's Rebug DECR LE CFW, today PlayStation 3 developer @Joonie confirmed he was able to successfully downgrade his PS3 DECR 0.85.010 (Reference Tool) console with some pictures of the early v0.85 XMB from both Joonie86 and Mathieulh...

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