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  1. How to Install Steam (Not SteamOS) on PS4 Linux Guide by OsirisX

    Previously we reported on news of a Steam PS4 Linux demo video, and today @Osirisx returns with a guide on how to install Steam (not SteamOS) on PlayStation 4 Linux for those interested! :) You can find it below, to quote from OsirisX: Installing Steam on PS4 Linux This guide is WIP and more...
  2. Running Steam on PS4 Linux Demo Video by OsirisX

    While awaiting the PoC release of the PS4 3.50 Webkit Exploit from earlier today, PlayStation 4 developer @Osirisx shared a video demonstrating Steam on PS4 (ARCH) Linux using the PS4 Radeon Libs on 1.76 Firmware. To quote from OsirisX: Haven't tried on Ubuntu but works fine with ARCH linux...

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