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  1. PSA: Forum / Portal Software Upgraded, All Members Must Update Password

    This past weekend we updated our Forum and Portal software to the latest Xenforo v2.2.1 (upgraded again since to Xenforo v2.2.2) and XenPorta 2 v2.2.0.4 respectively, and beginning today ALL members must update their password when they next login. 🔓 🔑 Why require everyone to update their...
  2. PSXHAX Recommends Two-Step Verification to Keep Accounts Secure

    One of the countless handy features of Xenforo is the ability to better-secure your account with what's known as Two-Step Verification. After logging in to PSXHAX, you can visit your account's Two-Step Verification page and add a verification code using an app on your phone or email if you...