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  1. Enabling PS4 1.76 Internet Browser Without Signing Into PSN Guide

    Previously we reported on the PS4 1.76 Permanent Internet Browser Mod Payload, and recently PlayStation 4 modder MODDED WARFARE shared a video tutorial on enabling the PS4 1.76 Internet Browser without signing into PSN. :-D The guide uses the PS4 WebKit Playground, which can also be accessed in...
  2. LudicrousBeach's Recompiled PS4 Dlclose Exploit Web Browser Patch

    Over the weekend we saw Part 2 of his PS4 GTA V RTM Mod, and now PlayStation 4 developer LudicrousBeach has recompiled the PS4 1.76 Dlclose Exploit into a fixed Web Browser Patch for 1.76 OFW and under with details below. :ninja: Download: WebBrowserPatch.bin (1.0 MB) To quote: [Fixed] PS4 Web...