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  1. PlayStation 4 Payload Port Fails, Specter Sends PS4 Back to Jail

    Last weekend Twitter blew up with reports of a PlayStation 4 Payload Port work-in-progress from Specter of the PS4Console project, but alas today he announced that the PS4 payload idea didn't work out and for the time being Sony's black box is going back to jail. :X3: You can read the full...
  2. ZiL0G80 Hints on PS4 IDU Mode / E3Mode, FreeBSD Exploits Phrack'd

    Recently @IvarKarl started a PS4 MEMLAYOUT topic for PlayStation 4 developers to collaborate in, while ZiL0G80 hints on the existence of a PS4 E3Mode in addition to the known IDU Mode from his Tweets below. In May of this year he Tweeted about a mini PS4 Debug Settings menu, and when asked if...